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Colour correcting

"Corrector brightens under the eye, Concealer lightens"

Colour correcting was one of the biggest makeup trends of 2016. I think it is a great technique for correcting the under eyes.
To take colour correcting to the next level however I think its better to use a colour corrector that actually has beneficial ingredients that will not only hide pigmentation but will correct it in the long run.

Here is one of  my current  favourite colour correctors that actually contains beneficial ingredients.
  • Urban Decay - Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid
  • Thiscolourr correcting fluid contains Vitamin C and E.

    To get the best results from any product I think it is important to understand how it works so read below to learn about the science behind colour correcting.

    Color corrector 101.
    I remember learning about the color wheel back in high school during art classes. Never did I imagine it would come in handy when it comes to makeup. Ever noticed how some concealer palettes come with the weirdest colours like greens, peaches and yellows and wondered are these for?

    If you look at a colour wheel the colours have complimentary colours.
    Green is complementary to Red. So Green will correct any redness for example pimples.

    Purple corrects yellow undertones.

    Pink correctors are great for dull and dark under eyes in olive skin tones.

    For darker skin tones I would suggest an orange corrector for dark circles and or hyperpigmentation.

    The concentration of your corrector should match the concentration of the pigmentation. So for dark areas use darker oranges. Light areas use less concentrated correctors so lighter oranges. With orange correctors they should blend as much as possible, you should not be able to see the corrector underneath your makeup.

    It is recommended to use correctors before concealer. You can use a beauty blender to blend your corrector. Although sometimes concealer is not even necessary after using a corrector. You can then set it all with a powder. Remember to use the ring finger to pat it in. Only apply your corrector to the area with hyperpigmentation or darkness.

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