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The Italy towel - The worlds best exfoliator

Introducing the ONLY skin care product I need in my skin care routine. 

Three years ago I came across this product, sourced it and I have been using it religiously every day for the last three years. It is my secret skin weapon.

The Korean Italy towel is an exfoliating towel .It originates from Korea and has been used in Korean bath houses and spas for decades. It is made of viscose and it comes in different colours which all have different exfoliating gradients.

Green = most abrasive - (do not use on face!)
yellow= average
pink = least abrasive

Growing up in Zimbabwe I have always used a pumice stone in the bath and shower. This is a lighter and better alternative to a pumice stone.  The korean italy towel removes dead skin cells and it leaves the skin feeling smooth plus it is great for reducing cellulite.

Personally I use the green one on most of my body including my feet and the pink one my face with my cetaphil gentle skin cleanser  every other day. On days i feel like I've overdone it I use the yellow one on my body.

I highly recommend this product if you want smooth skin. Try it, let me know what you think. I also recommend you google reviews on this product, i have not read a negative review yet!!!

How to use the korean italy towel.

For everyday use
Soak body in the bath for about 20-30 minutes then exfoliate using the towel.
Shower - wet body and stay in the shower for about 15 minutes then exfoliate as usual.

For cellulite
I wet my korean italy towel and add soap and dry exfoliate my target areas then rinse off in the shower,

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