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Trofolastin for stretch marks.

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What is Trofolastin ?

Trofolastin anti-stretch is a topical cream indicated for the prevention of stretch marks. It is manufactured by the company Novartis. Trofolastin contains the active ingredient Centella asiatica (onion extract cream). It also contains vitamin E and collagen elastin hydrolysates.

What is Cantella asiatica?

Centella asiatica is a herbal medicine. There is very limited research showing how and why it actually works. Some studies have however suggested that Centella stimulates collagen production, increases the tensile strength of collagen and improves keratinization. Its usage dates back to over 3000 years ago and it can be used for wound healing.

Some studies namely Draelos et al, 2010, showed a noticeable improvement to the appearance of stretch marks when topical creams containing cantella asiatica were applied. Other studies showed that application of trofolastin was effective in preventing stretch marks in some individuals. The studies, however, highlighted that no topical cream was 100% effective in preventing or getting rid of stretch marks. Trofolastin was reported to be better than coco butter in preventing stretch marks.

Infact there is limited evidence showing that cocobutter is effective in preventing and getting rid of stretch marks.

I always try and read forums before trying any new products to get different peoples opinions and experiences. From reading different forums most people reported that they did see a difference and they felt that Trofolastin prevented stretch marks.

Remember before trying any products on your skin always go a patch test - find out why - CLICK HERE

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