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Medical grade manuka honey

Image :Sonja Langford

Honey has been used for centuries to treat infections,wounds and burns. It has high antibacterial activity due to its pH and osmotic effects (honey is high in sugar so it draws water out of bacterial cells). It is also acidic. The pH of  honey kills bacteria. Honey produces a small amount of hydrogen peroxide which  kills bacteria. Manuka honey is derived from the manuka tree -leptospermum flower which is native to New Zealand and Australia.

Studies have also shown that honey has moisturising and cleansing abilities. It has been shown to promote the growth of new blood vessels and stimulate tissue repair. Aswell as having anti-inflammatory effects.

When non-manuka honey is heated it degrades the hydrogen peroxide. Unlike other honeys when heated, manuka honey retains its hydrogen peroxide producing ability .The hydrogen peroxide in honey is the strongest antibacterial component .

Medical grade honey is made under strict sterile conditions. Manuka honey undergoes gamma irradiation and filtration making it the most potent form of honey.

After using medical grade manuka honey I noticed a noticeable difference to my skin over a short period of time compared to when I used manuka honey from the supermarket. The brand I used is called activon. It comes in a small tube but I only used it once a week so it lasted me a while.

When buying medical grade honey always try and buy from a reputable pharmacy .


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