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Before making a purchase I always try and read reviews on the product I want to buy. That way I know what to expect and I can decide whether it is a good investment or not. I would also much rather purchase a product that is evidence based and has been proven to work.

I found a great website recently that does exactly what I am looking for. Reviews.com  is a website dedicated to conducting unbiased research and reviews on products. They have reviews and different products from skincare to treadmills.

As a skin care and beauty enthusiast i particularly found their research on acne treatments very useful. They conducted a study on 42 different acne treatments with the help of different professionals and narrowed it down to the five best acne treatments. They also highlighted the top main acne fighting ingredients. There are so many acne treatments products out there on the market so this is a very useful website for narrowing it down before trying new products.

I  also liked that Reviews.com  provided a chart to help you self-diagnose and grade the severity of your acne.

Go check out Review.com and let me know what you think - CLICK HERE 

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