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Source :lattisenews

Source :lattisenews

Today whilst discussing mascaras during lunch with my friend we ended up on the topic of eyelash growth serums and whether they are effective. I have never tried eyelash growth serums. Semi-permanent eye lashes have always been my thing.

It then reminded me of a product I saw a few weeks ago online called “Lattise”. I found this product very interesting because of my science/pharmacy background. Lattise is a product used to treat “Hypotrichosis”. Hypotrichosis is whereby you have sparse hair growth. In this case eyelashes. Lattise is a brand name and it contains the same active ingredients as lumigan which is a product licenced for glaucoma or ocular hypertension. They both contain the exact same ingredient called bimatoprost, the only difference is the brand name. 

Some scientists found that people using bimatroprost for glaucoma or intercular hypertension had noticeably longer, thicker, darker and fuller eyelashes. So they decided to re-brand lumigan for hypotrichosis ( sparse eyelashes) under the brand name lattise.  It is reported that eyelash growth will begin to show after just four weeks. 
Thinking back I remember seeing this old lady who came into the pharmacy wanting some lumigan. She had the most beautiful longest eyelashes.

Currently lattise is available in the U.S on prescription. In the UK however it is not commonly prescribed for this use. You can only get bimatoprost or lumigan on prescription. Unfortuately lattise is not yet licenced in the UK for eyelash growth.. A group of doctors sell it in the UK on a website called "my lash" (Mylash.org). As lattise is not yet licenced in the UK my lash prescribe lumigan instead.

I am always sold on beauty products that have been proven to be scientifically effective. When I came across my lash I was so excited to try it. I was even willing to splurge over £100 on mylash.org for a 3ml bottle. 3ml is less than a teaspoon.

If you google the before and after pictures you will see dramatic differences. The downside however is that when you discontinue the use of bimatoprost your eyelashes will eventually go back to what they were like before you started using bimatoprost/lattise/lumigan. So it is not a permanent fix you will have to continuously use it to maintain your eyelashes at their new state.

I love having longer eyelashes and I find it difficult to put on strip eyelashes because I have really curly eyelashes so I usually stick to my semi-permanent eyelashes. When my eyelashes are done I feel like I can take on the world. In theory it is about £45 a month( £20 with a good groupon deal )so technically if you use the my lash lumigan sparingly its almost economical. 

One of the possible side-effects of lattise is that it can cause darkening of the iris or eyelid which can be permanent. It can also cause excess hair growth in other areas so there is a risk of hair growth on areas that the lattise touches. If you have light eyelashes it can darken them due to excess melanin production in your eyelashes.

So would you splurge on this product.? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think?


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