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The Korean 10 step skin care routine

The Korean skin care routine is probably one of the best skin care routines i have ever followed. Although my version is slightly shorter and I customised it to my needs it has been very effective in transforming my skin. It is pretty long but it is worth it. It is very well designed and each step in the routine delivers extra therapy to your skin. Below I have outlined the revolutionary Korean 10 step skin care routine.


Remove makeup

The first step of the 10 step Korean skin care routine is removing your makeup. It is always best to start any skincare routine with a clean canvas. Oil cleansers are great for getting rid of dirt and oil. Oil dissolves oil, so oil cleansers will dissolve any oil and makeup on your face.
Most oil cleaners are mixtures of oil and surfactants. The surfactants help oil to dissolve in water, this allows you to rinse off the dirt and oil with water.


Double cleansing. The second step involves using another cleanser to remove excess residue from the previous step. You can use a foaming cleanser or a cream based cleanser depending on your skin type. Foaming cleansers are best suited for people with oily  skin as they can be drying to the skin. If you have dry or eczema-prone skin you should consider a cream or lotion based cleanser.


Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, it increases blood flow to the skin and promotes collagen production. Always choose a gentle non-abrasive exfoliator. Remember to exfoliate in an upwards direction against gravity. This step does not have to be done every day, it depends on your skin type. Once or twice a week is enough.

Toner/ Refresher

Some Korean toners are referred to as "refreshers". Toners are great for balancing your skin's pH. This step also helps prep your skin for the upcoming products to help them absorb better. Opt for an alcohol-free toner.


This is probably the most important part of the Korean skin care routine. Essences leave the skin glowing and they encourage cell turnover. Gently pat the essence into the skin to help it absorb better.


Serums are more concentrated forms of essences. They give your skin an extra boost.  Serums target certain skin issues. So identify what your main skin concerns are and you can incorporate a serum that targets that concern.

Sheet masks

Sheet masks are very popular in Korea. Sheet masks are saturated in essence and they can also be used to target certain skin issues. This is probably the most relaxing part of the routine where you can put on a sheet mask and relax.

Eye cream

Eye creams are specially formulated for the sensitive area under your eyes. An eye cream should be used before your face moisturiser to help it absorb better. Use your weakest finger to apply eye cream. Either your ring finger or your pinkie finger. Gently dab it in.


Always use a moisturiser no matter what even if you have oily skin. 

Sun protection

Spf protects your skin from sun damage. Try a broad spectrum with an spf of 15 and above. This step offers great anti-aging benefits as your skin is protected from photoaging and free radicals.

Sleep mask

Okay I know it is the "TEN step skin care routine" but how about a sleep mask . Sleep masks keep your skin hydrated throughout the night. They also offer extra overnight treatment for a variety of skin issues. This step should be the last step as the sleep masks offer a barrier to reduce water loss from the skin. 


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