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The benefits of Skin Icing.

Image by Jan Erik Waider 

Every year I dedicate an evening to watching the Victoria Secret Fashion show. After watching the Victoria secret show -as usual I googled  "Top Victoria secret model skin tips". I came across a post on the Elle website. One of Jasmine Tookes' top beauty tips is to Ice your face before bed. I tried this and absolutely loved the results. It is a skin care routine that is easy, quick and free.

The benefits of Icing your skin.

  • Icing your skin reduces Inflammation and redness. 
Ice is often used straight after a sprain or strains to reduce inflammation. So when applied to the face it will also reduce inflammation. If you have pimples icing your skin can reduce the inflammation and redness of the pimple. It can also reduce the pain from painful pimples.
  • Improves your complexion 
Icing increases blood circulation to the skin. Initially, when ice is applied to the skin it constricts blood vessels and reduces blood circulation to the skin. This causes negative feedback, the body responds by causing vasodilation and increasing blood supply to the skin. This increases the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin.
  • Tightens your pores.
Ice shrinks your pores making them appear smaller. It works great before applying makeup. It works as a natural primer.

How to Ice your skin. 
 (It can get  messy and wet so try it in the bathroom).

  1. Start with a clean well-cleansed face.
  2. Rub the ice cube in a circular motion on your skin until it melts. 

If it gets too cold you can wrap the ice cube in tissue or a towel before rubbing it into your skin. It is generally a good idea to wrap the ice cube in tissue or a towel to avoid broken capillaries.


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