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Description of product

"Reduces sebum and clears spots - over 98% of spots were cleared after 3 weeks1"

Description of the reviewer

I have excessively oily skin, especially in the t-zone. You know when they “say you could fry an egg on your face”. Well that’s me. Although my skin is oily I rarely have acne breakouts.

Why it works?

SEQuaderma is designed around evidence showing that reduction in sebum production is positively correlated with reduction in acne breakouts. By reducing sebum levels, acne causing bacteria are deprived from getting suffient nutrients.

A study was carried out to access the effectiveness of SEQuaderma acne gel on participants with acne and other skin inflammatory conditions. The study showed that a large number of participants reported that their acne symptoms had improved within a period of  3 weeks. They also reported a reduction in facial sebum levels.


  •           SEQuaderma is DRUG FREE.
  •           Comes in a pump so it is easy to dispense and  it is hygienic.
  •           Dermatologically tested.
  •           SEQuaderma is backed up by scientific research.
  •          Reasonable price.- Under £20
  •           Some individuals using the product showed signs of improvement within 3 weeks of use.
  •           I noticed over the period I was using this product my skin was less oily and my makeup stayed on for longer periods.
  •        Unlike most acne prone skin products it did not dry out my skin or make it feel tight.
  •          It contains a patented ingredient which allows the product to penetrate easily into the skin.

  •         It contains parabens.

 Quick note.

This product was recommended to me by a friend who had seen some significant improvements in her acne after using this product for only a month.  After using it  personally and seeing what a difference it made to my friend's skin, I think it is a product that needs more recognition and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has acne or oily skin.
Ps.I am not sponsored by this company

Read more about the study findings on their website – CLICK HERE

Buying advice

I bought this product from Lloyds pharmacy, it is also available at boots and superdrug.

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